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Ignite PI System Requirements Guide - Confio Article 1529

Confio Article: 1529 Published: May 08 2009 9:51 AM
Version: 4.3+ Topic(s): Install and Setup Ignite Management
Product(s): Ignite
Database(s): All

Architectural Overview

Each installation of Ignite PI monitors a set of database instances, and stores performance information in a Performance Data Warehouse (also called a Repository).  For optimal performance of Ignite PI itself, all 3 of these components (Ignite PI, Repository, and monitored database instances) need to reside on the same high-speed LAN. If your environment contains database instances that are on separate LANs, then you will need an Ignite PI system set up on each LAN.

Ignite PI contains a web/application server with a web interface, so users can view Ignite performance data using a web browser on a machine with access to the Ignite PI server machine.

Note: Several Ignite PI installs can reside on the same machine.  On UNIX/Linux, this is done by installing each instance of Ignite PI into a separate directory.  The Ignite PI Windows install supports the installation of a single Ignite PI on a machine - contact Confio support if you need multiple instances of Ignite PI installed on a Windows machine.


System Requirements


The following sections outline the minimum system requirements for each component in the system.

If you plan on installing Ignite PI on the same machine as the Repository, then take the greater set of system requirements for the Ignite PI Server and Repository.

1. Client Browser

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Chrome (latest stable)


2. Server running Ignite Software (aka Ignite Server)

The Ignite software can be installed on almost any Windows, Unix or Linux server.  It only needs an operating system that can support JDK or higher.   However, it should not be installed on a server running other production applications or databases.  This server must have network access to all servers holding monitored database instances.


Free Disk Space:  500 MB



Number of
monitored database instances

Minimum # of CPU

<20 1 1 GB
 20 - 50 2 2 GB
 51 - 200* 4 4 GB

* Ask Confio Support for installation requirements above 200 monitored database instances.


3. Ignite Performance Data Warehouse (aka Repository)

The repository is held in an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server instance, and holds the data collected by Ignite.  The repository can be installed into:

    • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g or 11g (in other words, any version 8.1.7 or higher)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005,  2008 or 2012   (any version 2000 or higher)


  • Repository Installation requires access to a DBA (Oracle) or Sysadmin (MSSQL) user.
  • “Express” editions of both Oracle and SQL Server can hold a repository but will likely run out of space due to the 4GB limitations.
  • Do not put the Repository into an instance that will be monitored.  Doing so will affect the performance of that instance.


Free Disk Space in Repository Instance:  varies with number of monitored database instances and level of activity on each:



Monitored Database
Repository Disk Space
per Monitored DB
Light 1 GB to 3 GB
Medium 3 GB to 5 GB
Heavy 5 GB to 10 GB


Minimum Repository Hardware and Configuration Requirements


Number of
monitored databases
Minimum # of CPU

1 1 512 MB
up to 5  2 1 GB
 5 - 200  4 4 GB


 Minimum Oracle Parameters
 db_block_buffers (or db_cache_size)

 Note that this is a critical parameter.
 >100 Mb per monitored
 shared_pool_size  >50 MB
 sort_area_size  >4 MB
 log_buffer  >1 MB
 session_cached_cursors  >10
 Redo Log Size (select min(bytes) from v$log)  >10 Mb



4. Monitored Database Instances


  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g (8.1.7 or higher).
  • SYS password (used during registration)

 SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2000 (SP3), 2005, 2008, or 2012 (any version 2000 (SP3) or higher).
  • SYSADMIN privileges are required to setup Ignite monitoring

 Sybase ASE

  • ASE and higher.
  • SA_ROLE privileges are required to setup Ignite monitoring


  • DB2 UDB 8.2.2 or higher (or 8.1 FixPack 13).
  • SYSADM privileges are required to setup Ignite monitoring